Baby grand piano removal

Baby grand piano removal

Baby Grand Piano removal.

 Baby Grand Piano removal

“Kawai RX2” – baby grand piano removal in Dublin, Ireland.

House Removals Dublin can help you move your pianos: upright or baby grand piano. For all music instruments removals call Peter on 0872 666 227.

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 Baby grand piano removal:

 – we have to move “Kawai RX2” baby grand piano.
 – this one was very high-gloss black surface.
 – it’s weight was around 315 kg !
 – “Kawai RX2” is professional music instrument for home and commercial use.
 – it is highly recommended for it’s deep sound.



 Baby grand piano removal:

 – we always start with deep look at the piano. Before we touch the piano each scratch or damage will be imminently reported to the owner.
 – all easily removable panels will be taken off first. It’s because they are most vulnerable and easiest to damage.
 – this procedure is  completely safe and don’t have any impact to pianos’s tuning.
 – and obviously makes the piano lighter.



 Baby grand piano removal:

 – some of the elements must be taken out because they might fall out during the transport.
 – this will alsow protect the side of the piano from excessive weight.
 – the good news is: in 99% of piano moves we don’t have to take the strings-board out!
 – it is the best way of doing baby-grand piano removals.



 Baby grand piano removal:

 – “RX2” have easily removable keyboard&hammers mechanism.
 – this will make the piano substantialy lighter.
 – and protect the most delicate part of the piano.
 – however piano still don’t have to be to retuned.



 Baby grand piano removal:

 – after removing the panels etc.
 – we will wrap the baby-grand piano in removal cling film.
 – this can protect the baby grand piano from the tiniest scratches.
 – another layer it will be soft furniture blankets and wrapping tape to build strong resistant surface.



 Baby grand piano removal:

 – another step is to load the baby grand on to the piano skidding board.
 – secure it with the straps.
 – and load it again on the baby grand piano-skate.
 – our removal truck have strong tail-lift. It will gently lift the piano to the truck. Few more straps and baby grand piano removal is over.
 Kind regards Peter.

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