Office removal Dublin

Office removal Dublin

Office removal Dublin.

Office removal Dublin

Professional and efficient office removal service. Short-notice business removals. Entire office blocks or single piece of furniture, photocopiers etc. Quality and efficiency are our main goals.

So don’t hesitate – for any office moving queries call Peter on 0872 666 227

Office removal Dublin – list of items moved: fire-proof filing cabinet, two 3m high bookcases, 10 under-desk cabinets, 8 chests of drawers, 8 desks, 8 office chairs, 4 partitions, 3 coat stands, various of small items.

 Office removal Dublin – fire-proof filing cabinet:Office-removal-Dublin-01
 This was a very heavy fire-proof filing cabinet.
 To lift this up we have to use 2 men and heavy-duty lifting straps.
 Obviously great help was our tail-lift.


 Office removal Dublin – 3 metre high bookcase:Office-removal-Dublin-01
 There was two quite tall, metal book-cases.
 They were about 3 metre tall.
 That’s why we have to spread the blankets. And lay them flat on it’s side.


Office-removal-Dublin-03 Office removal Dublin – 3 metre high bookcase:
 Each one of them was covered with the furniture blankets.
 And immobilised with lashing straps so it can’t move.
 Afterwards we placed another one on top – and repeat the procedure.


Office removal Dublin – removal truck:Office-removal-Dublin-04
 We always park our truck as close as it is possible.
 Because efficiency is one of our main goals.
 So quicker we load – less you gonna pay.


Office-removal-Dublin-05 Office removal Dublin – under-desk cabinets:
 Each available space is used to fit as much furniture as possible.
 Always remember to protect everything from moving and scratching.



Office-removal-Dublin-06 Office removal Dublin – chest of drawers:
 We had 8 chest of drawers to move.
 They wasn’t very heave so we don’t have to take the shelf off.
 Each one of them was covered in the blankets.


Office removal Dublin – office chairs:Office-removal-Dublin-07
 This allowed us to load more stuff on top.
 We flipped some desk upside-down.
 And stuffed them with office chairs.



Office removal Dublin – desks:
 Group of chairs was obviously immobilised with lashing straps.
 Or quickly using our bungee-cords.




Office removal Dublin – loaded truck:
 As a last we loaded office desks.
 Some of them upright, protected with the blankets and straps.
 And some others were secured upside-down.
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