Pyrite house removal

Pyrite house removal

Pyrite house removal scheme

Pyrite house removal – government program to fix pyrite damage houses. House Removals Dublin can help you tackle it easy, efficient and stress free. Call me now and we will take care of it! Peter – 0872666227

Pyrite House Removal scheme:

Due to unforeseen circumstances you might have to avail of “Government Pyrite Scheme“.

” The Pyrite Remediation Scheme has been set up to remediate dwellings that have been significantly damaged as a result of pyritic heave caused by the swelling of hardcore under ground floor slabs. The Scheme has been prepared by the Pyrite Resolution Board (PRB) under the Pyrite Resolution Act 2013. “

That means you are entitled for refundable procedure of your house refurbishment guaranteed by the state.

For more information please click this website link: Pyrite Remediation Scheme

Pyrite house removal

pyrite house removal

Before refurbishment work can start in your home have to empty your premises. All furniture and personal belongings needs to be cleared out of the building in the areas damaged by pyrite. Once that is finished the builders can start do their work. After the work is successfully completed you can bring your furniture and boxes back to the house.

Packing boxes before removal company comes

pyrite house removal

Before we arrive for agreed time and date for your move you must pack small things in to the boxes. This is the most cost efficient way of doing your move. It give’s you opportunity to go through your stuff and get rid of the things that gathered over the time and you don’t need the any more. If you leave that part for removal company they will pack it to the boxes + store it + bring it back + and unpack again. So you will ended up again with useful things taking up your space. And the most important reason – it will generate unnecessary, extra costs for you.

To make it easier for you you can leave chests of drawers full of clothes – once drawers can be taken out of the unit. So we will remove them out. Then we will carry “shell” in to the truck. And the we will put them back in to the chest. Obviously we will cover it with soft furniture blankets and use lashing equipment to secure it. But please remember to don’t leave anything breakable inside the drawers! Because it might rattle during driving and break each other.

All packing material you can buy from our friendly storage facility “SPACE SELF STORAGE“, any other storage facility or removal company, IKEA etc. It’s good idea to ask your friends because very often they might have them stored in attic. You can use cardboard boxes from shops but try to choose proper, big and strong ones. Weak or small boxes can extend removal time, increase costs and did not protect your belongings accordingly.

Preparation for big furniture removal.

pyrite house removal

Sometimes big or bulky furniture has to be dismantled to remove them safely from the house. Obviously we can take care of that no problem at all. We have plenty of experience dismantling and assembling furniture. Full range of spanners, hex keys and cordless drills assure quick and efficient process.

To cut the costs you can take furniture apart yourself. In complex furniture (i.e bunk beds) it is necessary to mark pieces so you know in the future how to put it back together. It’s good practice to place all screws in to plastic bags and tape them to furniture. So they don’t get lost and you will know where they belong to.

To protect the mattresses please leave fitted sheets on them. On narrow staircases we might have to force it in. This means your mattress will be rubbing against stairs and walls gathering all dust. It’s easier to wash sheet then mattress.

Big cabinets, cupboards and presses.

Some furniture are basically to heavy to safely move them. Despite we have professional heavy duty lifting straps we might take some elements off it. In example glass doors, shelves or drawers. In modern furniture this can be done even without any tools! It’s very common that they are fitted with “click in” system. So if you know where to look this can be done in no time. So even large units can be moved safely once they are light and without falling pieces. As a professional company we have a piano-skate with rubber wheels. Using this trolley will save us time and hassle leaving your property untouched.

For long distance removals we can feel them with boxes and bags to save some space. Obviously we won’t put in any sharp or loose objects that might damage your unit. Each piece of fragile furniture will be protected with soft furniture blankets. And secured to the wall with lashing straps. Because if it can’t move – it can’t scratch.

Packing removal truck

pyrite house removal

The most and essential task in every domestic or commercial relocation is appropriate filing of removal vehicle. Space efficient, secure and time saving are the main goals. It always make sense to start with heavy and stack able furniture at the begging. Then we will cover them with protecting blankets and stack boxes on top. Obviously heaviest boxes, objects at the bottom and gradually lighter things on top. At the very top we will put things like: lamp shades, curtains, pictures or any other pieces that can’t take anything on top of them. Removing boxes from the way will speed up moving process as de-cluttered environment is maximising productivity and safe for everybody. Once we build high wall of furniture and boxes we need to protect it from falling, collapsing. The easiest way is just to stand up mattress and immobilise it using ratchets and straps.

Storage of pyrite damaged house

pyrite house removal

For the duration of building works carried in your premises you need to store your possessions somewhere. Obviously it needs to be safe, secure and dry place for your stuff. Additional advantage will be easy access as you might have to take some items out even before final move in commence. One of the circumstances might be necessity of finding some documents that were packed away. Or your builder, carpenter might need kitchen appliances to build units around them. Most of the well known storage facilities in Dublin offer all above mentioned amenities. Since many years we are cooperating with most of the storage companies. Some of them gave us 24 hour access so we can move you in or out at any time that suit you.

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