Removals and storage

Removals and storage

Removals and storage.

Removals and storage

Big 7,5ton removal truck. 24/7 secure storage.

 Professional removals and storage service. Affordable and competitive prices. Call Peter on 087 2666 227 for all removal & storage enquiries. Removal boxes, secure storage, complete removals & storage solutions.

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Removals and storage – moving:

We “House Removals Dublin” are specialising in professional and efficient relocations. We have over 9 years of experience in private and commercial sector. The most important for us is always quality. We can guarantee that nothing will be scratched or damaged. It’s obtained by well practised safe loading procedure and professional moving equipment. For complete piece of mind we have Public Liability Insurance with full no claim bonus. Our second key point is efficiency – so each removal is well planed ahead.
 Removals and storage – removal truck: removals-and-storage-01

We are using 7,5 ton professional removal truck. Our removal truck is tail-lift fitted. Tail-lift helps load heavy or bulky items. For each removal and storage we have plenty of furniture blankets. Each piece of furniture will be covered in soft furniture blanket and strapped to the side of the truck. So if it can’t move = it can’t scratch. We will be using this blankets all the time to protect from dust, moisture, mould etc.




Along with the blankets each removal truck have hand-truck. Sometimes the walking distance from the truck to the house or apartment could be very long. In the situations like that we will be using hand-truck to move boxes or small piece of furniture. Hand-truck can be used for moving kitchen appliances. It’s the best way of caring fridge, heavy cooker, washing-machine or drier – even up the stairs.



For customer request we can have the pallet-truck on board. If boxes or bags are stacked on the pallets it makes sense to load them as they are. It’ll be the quickest and most effective way of loading. Sometimes we are moving whole pallets of stock for commercial customers. Our truck can fit up to 10 euro pallets at one load.



Apartment removal trolley:

For apartment removals we have specially designed apartment moving trolley. It’s aluminium cage on wheels which can be loaded with bags and boxes or any other small stuff. It’s very handy, easy to load and offload. It will easily fit in to every apartment lift and can be loaded to our truck without offloading to speed up the move.




Lifting straps:

As a professionals we have vast range of moving equipment. Our lifting straps are very helpful with all heavy or bulky items. In example big, tall glass cabinets, upright pianos, baby-grand pianos or double-door american fridges. It’s the easiest and safest way of lifting heavy loads.

Removals and storage – storing:

House Removals Dublin” can help you with all your storage needs as well. We can guide you and help you through whole moving process. Starting from packing materials supply, furniture dismantling, loading and offloading the truck, arranging storage facility and filling up the storage room.


Removals and storage – 01:

We can move you in to every storage facility of your choice. During many years in removal business we were working in all of them. We are highly recommending “Store-it”, Ballymount Cross Industrial Estate, Ballymount, Dublin 24. It’s one of the best storage places in Dublin. It’s located right in the middle of M50 motorway which is very handy for whole Dublin. This place is safe and secure with separate storage rooms of all sizes. Each storage compartment have it’s own door with lock. Each doors are monitored by CCTV and alarm system with personal code. There is reception open in normal business hours with helpful staff always ready to serve.





Removals and storage – 02:

The most important for us is always quality and efficiency. Over 9 years in moving business we rehearsed the best way of how to move and storage furniture and personal belongings. We will make sure that nothing will be scratched or damaged even for long term storage. We will always protect the items from dirt on the floor or dust in the air. We know hot to stack items in the space saving manner. So you can totally count on us – we will take care of everything.





Removals and storage – 03:

We can follow special requirements as well. We can leave certain items handy, right at the door. Just in case your might want to collect them soon or sell directly from the storage unit. Customers can leave their own lock key in reception’s safe. It will be secure and always handy each time you come in to Store-it. We can even start loading without customer presence – as long you ring reception and give us permission to work on your behalf. So you don’t have waste your time to travel back and forth.





Removals and storage – 04:

As a masters of packing and moving you can be sure that we will fit you in to the smallest room as it’s possible. This will help you to save some cash and provide best value for money. Each available space will be used to minimise room requirements.




Best regards Peter.

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