Space Self Storage Removal

Space Self Storage Removal

Space Self Storage Removal.

Space Self Storage Removal

House Removals Dublin – can offer extra rates for Storage Removals !!!.

Professional, insured and efficient removals & storage service for domestic and commercial customers – Call Peter. 0872 666 227.


Space Self Storage Removal 1


 Space Self Storage removal – 1:

 –  We are using 7,5 tonne removal truck with tail lift.
 –  It’s big, clean and secure professional removal truck. We can fit typical 3 bedroom house in one go no problem.
 – The most important for us is always efficiency and quality job.
 – For efficiency we have 9 years of experience. So we are fully ready for each removal – right from the beginning to the end.



Space Self Storage Removal 2


 Space Self Storage removal – 2:

 – The equally important is quality as well.
 – Each removal truck always have plenty of soft furniture blankets.
 – They will be used to protect every fragile or delicate element.
 – So each piece of furniture will be separately covered with soft furniture blanket and strapped to the wall. So nothing can be scratched or damaged.


Space Self Storage Removal 3


 Space Self Storage removal – 3:

 – We are the experts in removal and storage jobs.
 – Extent knowledge can let us do it quickly and 100% safely.
 – In example if we have to stand up your sofa – we will spread one of our blankets on the floor.
 – This will protect it from the dust and moisture at the same time.


Space Self Storage Removal 4


Space Self Storage removal -4:

 – We know how to take care of your boxes as well.
 – Always read the labels and place heavy ones on the bottom and light or fragile on top.
 – Right on the top of the boxes is always good place for any un-stackable or extremely fragile items.



Space Self Storage Removal 5


Space Self Storage removal – 5:

 – To safe the space we know how to use any available space.
 – Strong and sturdy tables will be placed on bottom.
 – And all the light ones – can be stacked upside-down.
 – This is the save and efficient way of arranging the storage unit.



Space Self Storage Removal 6


Space Self Storage removal – 6:

 – All the light and awkward shape items will be placed at last.
 – Every available safe space is good to protect the odd shape ones.
 – Pictures, TV’s or lamps will come last to the unit.



  You can total trust House Removals Dublin:
  • we can move you quick and efficient,
  • safe and secure,
  • and with 10% off 🙂
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